Before proceeding, make sure you registered as a vendor first and added your PayPal email.

How to add a basic product

This is for adding a products without clothing or helmet sizes.

1. Go to your seller dashboard > products > add new product

2. Add an image, category, make, condition, product name, and price. All other fields are optional

3.When adding an image select your file either from your desktop, file, or photo library if you’re using a smartphone

5. Don’t forget to fill in a description about the item as well. When you’re finished, if you have no more items to upload, click Create Product. If you want to continue adding to your inventory, click Create & Add New to upload the item and add a new item after

How to add clothing or helmet sizes

Watch video tutorial how to add sizes

1. Click on “Add clothing or helmet size” when editing a product.

2. Add size values like adult medium, adult large, etc.

3. Click “Save Size Values”

4. Select “Create variations from all sizes” from the dropdown and click ok from the popup.

5. Click on a size variation to add options like sku, price and stock quantity. Repeat for each variation.

6. Click “Save size variations” button and click “Save Product” at the bottom.