Since ItsKlutch is an online marketplace with different seller return policies, each situation is unique in how it will be dealt with. Some sellers may offer a return policy, others may not on items sold “As Is”. We encourage buyers to message the seller directly before reaching out to the ItsKlutch support team. Give the seller 24-48 hours to respond, then you may begin to file a dispute if no contact is returned. You can view each individual return policy and protection policy by clicking here and here.


1.   If you have an issue with an order, start by contacting the seller and providing them with photos or videos of the issue. Most issues can be resolved directly between the buyer and seller. If, however, you don’t hear back from the seller within 48 hours, please contact ItsKlutch’s support team and explain the situation. ItsKlutch will also want you to provide evidence of defective items, so please have those in advance. Communication must be made between the buyer and seller with 7 days of the item being delivered.

2.   ItsKlutch will reach out to the seller on your behalf and attempt to reach a resolution in accordance with their garage policies and expectations.

3.   If no resolution can be reached, ItsKlutch will recommend the next steps to be taken. ItsKlutch uses PayPal and PayPal’s credit processing system. ItsKlutch’s support team will walk the buyer through the process of filing a dispute with PayPal’s team.

4.   If the seller allows you to make a refund, keep in contact with them about shipping. It is up to the seller to decide whether they will cover shipping or make the buyer be responsible. Return addresses can be found on the item the seller shipped to you.

5.   Buyers are protected by the ItsKlutch Buyer Protection Policy in terms of damaged items. If an item arrives to the buyer damaged or not as described, or not within the 3 business day timeframe (unless otherwise specified between the buyer and seller), the buyer can issue a refund from the seller. The seller is then responsible for paying for the return shipping. 


 Sellers will be paid through PayPal’s credit processing system. This is to ensure there are no fraud risks. Sellers are protected through PayPal’s Seller Protection Policy. ItsKlutch support team will mediate discrepancies as much as PayPal allows during the resolution process.

When shipping delicate items, ItsKlutch advises sellers to take the utmost precautions and preventive steps to ensure items are not damaged during transit. Sellers should outline their exact shipping and return policies by editing their garage policy here. Be sure to include which items are sold “As Is” and which items are eligible for return, and the timeframe in which returns will take place. ItsKlutch strongly suggests upfront listings complete with photos and details outlining the exact condition of the items listed.

1.   In the event of a dispute, the seller should contact ItsKlutch support team as soon as possible. 

2.   ItsKlutch will contact the buyer, collect any relevant information, and relay that information back to the buyer.

3.   During a dispute between the buyer, the seller, and/or PayPal, the seller’s account will remain in good standing only if an effort to reach a reasonable solution is made. Sellers who do not follow their own return policy, are unresponsive, do not abide by our terms of use, or PayPal’s terms of use are subject to account suspension or termination.

4.   Sellers have an opportunity to list shipping times on their garage policy page, however, items must be shipped within 3 business days per ItsKlutch’s shipping policy, unless an agreement between the buyer and seller is reached independently.