Is buying from ItsKlutch safe?

Of course! We keep all vendor and buyer information confidential. All payment processing is done directly through PayPal. If you  have a PayPal account, you can also login through them to check out as well as simply entering in your credit card information. We don’t sell your personal information to third parties for marketing or any other reasons, please refer to the protection policies for both the buyer and the seller.

What are vendor return policies?

Click here to review return policies for a vendor

My purchase hasn't been shipped yet

If you and the seller did not come to an alternative agreement about shipping and more than three business days have passed since you’ve purchased the item, first reach out to the seller and make sure they are getting your package ready. If you don’t hear back after 24 hours, you can contact our ItsKlutch team and we will reach out to the seller on your behalf. Each situation is unique, so we will handle them as needed.

How do I buy an item on ItsKlutch?

When you purchase an item from ItsKlutch, you’re not buying from us, but rather an individual seller who has their own items listed for sale on our site. This means that we are not the seller, nor are we responsible for any discrepancies that happen between you and the seller. However, we will work hard to make sure both the buyer and seller are happy with the product and outcome. We recommend talking directly to the seller and asking all the questions you have to make sure you’re getting what you want. Once you’re ready, click “Add to Cart”. Happy Shopping!


How do I pay for my purchases?

ItsKlutch works directly with PayPal to ensure both the buyers and sellers are protected in the event something goes wrong with purchasing. You can either sign in to your PayPal account through our site or simply enter your credit information for a fully protected checkout experience.

Does ItsKlutch offer free shipping?

Because ItsKlutch is a marketplace for sellers to showcase their inventory, shipping varies and is up to the discretion of each seller. It’s best to talk to the seller about their shipping policy before making a purchase or an offer.