How to add a product

How to add a product tutorial

What kind of items can vendors sell?

We don’t discriminate against any brand, item, or motorcycle part. We suggest the seller take as many photos to show the quality of the item and list how new or used the item is. If an item is brand new, attaching receipts or tags to the photo is helpful for buyers.

When can I collect money?

Once the buyer’s payment has cleared ItsKlutch keeps 4% of the gross sale, in addition to PayPal fees which are applied in the final sale (see PayPal’s terms of use for updated fee information). The seller receives their payment once the item is successfully delivered. Using this escrow based system to protect both buyer and seller. This usually takes 5 days to receive your earnings.

How are taxes handled?

If you are a seller in the state of Ohio and exceed $100,000 in sales the taxes for that year will then be withdrawn by Its Klutch.

How is shipping handled?

Each item listed on the marketplace is different, therefore shipping will be handled differently by the seller. We suggest the seller pack items appropriately in boxes or packages that will decrease chances of damage. If an item is damaged during transit, the buyer and seller will first discuss the return/refund options. If no agreement can be made, ItsKlutch’s team will intervene to come to a resolution.

How many days do I have to ship and item?

Its Klutch will allow the seller and the buyer to agree to their own terms, but if no terms are discussed, we ask that items be shipped within 3 business days.